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GB Whatsapp APK

GB Whatsapp APK Latest Version 2019

GB Whatsapp APK Latest Version 2019

GB WhatsApp Apk, Whatsapp is known as the most trendy & familiar App which is being used all over the world nowadays. It has different and interesting features i.e. Calling, Chatting; Voice Messaging & Video Calling that makes the people connected with each other inefficient and reasonable way. Due to the popularity of Whatsapp, it’s now in use of almost every Smartphone user in the world. Is GBWhatsApp is a very much favorite App of Smartphone users, but it still has lacked many essential features, which are the requirement of its users.

In this scenario, we need a mod application that helps to enhance its features to pro-level which makes it more stimulating and secured for its users. Now it is time for all of you to be informed regarding GBWHATSAPP APK mod and it is download & installation.


Download GBWhatsApp Apk

As we already know that Whatsapp is viral mobile phone messenger App which is in the use of Billion of people, but it still has some of the controlled & limited features which are required to its users. Whatsapp gb apk application is a platform where these restricted features can be unlocked and easy to use & users can have full access.

To resolve the lemmatization issue GBWhatsapp latest version comes with some extended and more features which are very useful for all GBWhatsapp  2019 users. Now everyone can use new extraordinary features like Privacy tweaks, Customize Themes and much more, all those make it better than the official App. You can download the latest version GB Whatsapp APK mod for android from the download section below.

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GBWhatsApp For Android (Features & Tweaks)

As we are well aware that GBWhatsapp is being measured as the best Whatsapp alternate mod APP whatsapp gb
, which is available for android users this is because of its new updates, features and support. It features make it possible better than official APP. One who wants to use GBWhatsapp mod will found it very impressive and replaced it with the stock built.

So, give a chance to it to experience then you will able to decide between stock and GPWhatsapp mod. I am confident on it that you will definitely like its features, which will impress you to get GBWhatsapp mod, Moreover, on every update, some of the new mods arrive which makes it much more interesting. GBWhatsapp app is an exclusive & significant WhatsApp mod which is existed with more than 50 million downloads and millions of its fans. Appended below are some of its features.

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Features GBWhatsApp Apk

Dual WhatsApp:

Most of the users of GBWhatsApp account want to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on their same phone, which is currently not possible with the official version. But Don’t worry you can use dual WhatsApp on android by using GBWhatsapp mod and it can be used along with official WhatsApp as secondary WhatsApp. This is an amazing app for those who want more than one WhatsApp on the same time on the same phone with different accounts.

Customization Mods:

In built-in WhatsApp, there is only a single theme which is normally all the time same until the next update but GBWhatsapp mod comes with incredible customization tweaks which gave permission to its users to customize their WhatsApp to look as they want to. Users of GBWhatsapp can change styles of chat, Conversation, Launcher Icon, Ticks and many more, It means that GBWhatsapp has many built-in themes with updates.

Privacy Tweaks:

This GBWhatsapp has more privacy options, which were not before. Features of privacy are beneficial for those users who want to take their privacy as a major concern. GBWhatass includes Hide last seen, blue ticks, second tick, online status, typing status & much more.

Ban Proof & Secure:

Nowadays there are some different WhatsApp mods are available online for smartphones, but some of them are without banned proof feature & are not secured. Yes, Whatapp account has the risk of Ban by using these mods but GBWhatsapp has it’s a solution because it’s anti-banned WhatsApp mod and it’s secured by the end to end encryption.

There are some other features, which are accessible in GB WhatsApp APK and available for our mobiles. Here we are giving some more details of some of the most favourite features in GB WhatsApp APK that you guys can easily use for your phones. As you will download WhatsApp APK you will enjoy its marvellous features; some of the features are listed below.

  • Help to hide Last Seen, Blue Tick & Online Status.
  • Hide the view status, other people in your phone list will not get information that you have seen their status or Not.
  • If you are a user of GB WhatsApp APK then another amazing feature is waiting for you that is Schedule messages, By using this feature you can set any of required Time to send any message to any of your contact or Group.
  • This mod App has the ability to send an auto-reply to everyone in your contact or Group.
  • As per your requirement & likeness, you can apply new themes to GB WhatsApp app because it has a feature to customize its themes.
  • Another magical ability of GBWhatsApp APK to send up to 90 images at one time instead of 30 to anyone.
  • If you want to see the status of anyone then by using GBWhatsApp latest version you have no need to check It’s Profile you can view status from the chat screen as well.
  • Stream Online is the feature in GBWhatsApp APK, which helps you to view any media before GbWhatsApp downloading.
  • Anti-Ban feature will help your WhatsApp Account not to get in the list of Banned Accounts, which means your account will not Be Banned if you use this App.
  • You also can be able to send Broadcast messages to groups as a substitute for contacting the Only List.
  • History of revoked messages from your contacts and groups can check-in GBWhatsApp.
  • It provides the facility to edit media visibility of specific contacts in the Gallery.
  • You can mark Read status to messages from notifications.
  • It helps you to select all chats at one time from the home screen.
  • Voice recording status can be hidden in GBWhatsApp.
  • In GBWhatsApp you can get revoked messages notification.
  • You can play WhatsApp videos with your favorite music player.
  • It also has a Group Description option, with this tool you can read the group description.
  • By using its Added Name Feature is also available, you can mention the name of your friend in a group.
  • It – GBWhatsApp contains Emojis as well.
  • It also has the feature to Add different effects during sending Pictures and Videos.
  • Another feature is to call anyone, which is not in your contact list.
  • Access to download media automatically from a specific contact of a group.
  • Another amazing feature is to hide view status privacy.
  • By using this App you Can generate Group Name up to 35 Characters.
  • It’s the latest version supports many languages.
  • GBWhatsApp contains the feature to be online for 24 hours (but this feature utilizes more battery).
  • GBWhatsApp APK can lock without any other software.
  • You can set status up to 255 Characters.
  • In GBWhatApp you can change the notification Icon as well as Application Icon.

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How to Install GBWhatsApp APK For Android Device

If you are New and Not too perfect, we can help you to get guidance to know the Installation process of GB WhatsApp APK on your phone device.

You just need to follow the below-mentioned steps properly to get information about the installation of GBWhatsApp APK on your device.


  • First of all, you have to Download GBWhatsApp APK via the link which is given below for your convenience, Link is Given Below:
    • Link Required
  • When it got Downloaded on your phone device, then click/Tap on it to open.
  • After Click/Tap on this if it shows some error in installation then you are required to enable the unknown sources for this activity you have to go to security settings of your phone and enable “Unknown Sources” like as Android Setting –> Settings –> Security –> Unknown Sources. Then you should click/Tap on “YES” and make Unknown Sources enable from your phone device security settings.
  • Now you have to Click/Tap on Downloaded APK file.
  • After that Click/Tap on Install Button on your phone device will start the installation process for this App.
  • You have to open this after completion of installation.
  • This is the time to Put-in your WhatsApp mobile number & you must verify this by available options.

Dear Visitors, it was the details and installation process of GBWhatsapp APK. Now you can use it properly. This is famous App & you must share with your friends and family.


Method to Replace GBWhatsApp with Whatsapp without deleting Data

As everyone is using WhatsApp on their mobile phones & if anyone wants to shift to GBWhatsApp from the WhatsApp, then appended below details can give benefit, because the backup of Chats is important for everyone. It is very much worse if Chats of friends and family members lost but now everyone can shift to GBWhatsApp APK from WhatsApp without losing previous chats. Let us give you the details & these details are mentioned below:

  • First, download GBWhatsApp APK on your phone device.
  • Open Official WhatsApp, which already installed in your phone and you, are using this.
  • Click/Tap on button of Menu & go to settings.
  • Click/Tap on Backup option, It will work on creating Backup & will take few minutes (time depend on your chat size/Volume).

GB WhatsApp Apk

  • As the backup process completed, you can install GBWhatsApp on your device.
  • Here you are required to Click/Tap on Agree & Continue option then hit the button of Copy WhatsApp Data option.

whatsapp free download

  • Here you have to verify your WhatsApp number via SMS or Call Verification.
  • After that, you should Click/Tap on Restore option from next screen.
  • It will take some time but after that task would complete.

You may check now that you can enjoy GBWhatsApp on your phone device without any lose of Chats.


Q. What about the safety of SmartPhone device in case of use of GB WhatsApp apk latest

A- Yes, GBWhatsApp is totally safe for Smart Phone Devices.

Q. Can we get GBWhatsApp APK updated version?

Yes, you can download its latest version as well.

Q. Any rooted device is required for this App or Not?

There is no need to for any rooted device; you just need to follow the downloading and installation process (which is mentioned on this website) for its use.

Q. What about the option to get the backup of data from GBWhatsApp?

Yes, you can easily retrieve your data if you use Backup/Restoration Option.

Q. What about the Privacy Issue?

This App is secure to use & has no privacy issue.

Q. Continuously update of this APK file is required or Not?

It has depended on you, when you want it you can update it.

Q. Should anyone have to pay to get this GBWhatsApp APK File?

No, This App is Free of cost.


Method to set or  Hide Online Status in GB WhatsApp Apk

This article is very much informative and helpful for those who use WhatsApp very much. There are many people who use WhatsApp for their complete day but some of the other people make them irritate by messaging frequently by seeing them online. So, Irritated people were searching on the internet for information regarding hiding online status on WhatsApp. Now the solution is the same you just have to switch to a moded app like GBWhatsApp on your smartphone device.

WhatsApp helps you to hide your last seen but will not show you offline until you are offline. As we already discussed that It’s a problem for those persons who use WhatsApp in their working place, & they got disturbed because their friends and family members disturb them by seeing their online status. In this Scenario, these users have to go offline otherwise their friends and family will think that they are being ignored.

This is a big problem but here is a solution for this issue, & that is to use WhatsApp Mod App & its name is GBWhats, which is currently using by so many people around the globe.

Appended below are the steps to follow to hide WhatsApp Status:

Some points are the same as already mentioned before on this website, that to downloading and installation process.

If you face any error during installation like installation blocked then you have to follow these steps Press/Tap  Tab of “Security” then Press/Tap Tab of “Allow Installation from Unknown Sources”

As the installation is completed then you have to register with your phone number.

Press/Tap to the Tab to the Right corner and then Press/Tap on “Privacy” Tab.

Here a sub-menu will appear and then Press/Tap ON “Hide Online Status” in this menu

whatsapp downlods

Now you have successfully completed this activity. Your Online status would be hidden as per your adjusted settings.

In this above-mentioned article, you got information regarding to hide the status of Online in GBWhatsApp APK. Now no one can disturb you further.

How to set Password in GBWhatsapp Apk

In this amazing feature, the user can set a password in GBWhatsApp to protect his chats. We hope that you are well aware of GB (details are already explained in other articles of this website). If you continue user of GBWhatsApp APK then its recommended to upgrade this time to time.

As we already, know that GBWhatsApp has many positive features & it helps the user to get entertain a lot. So, Password protection is good for the user.

First Press/Tap the menu Tab which you can find at the top right corner (Three Dots would be there).

Password in GBWhatsapp Apk

Then go the Settings option.

Password in GBWhatsapp Apk

Another list would be appearing in front of you; you have to Press/Tap the Tab of “Lock”.

Press/Tap on the “7.1 Enable Passcode” Option. This activity will help you to set your desired password in GBWhatsApp.

Here you will be asked for four digit combination of Passcode.

After that, you have to re-enter the same passcode/Password again.

Here you are done. From now onward when you want to use GBWhatsApp, It will ask for you set password/Passcode.


How to Remove Passcode/Password from GB WhatsApp

Here are some of the details of this domain:

First Press/Tap the menu Tab which you can find at the top right corner (Three Dots would be there).

Select the Settings Option here.

Select the “Lock” option.

Here you have to Disable Passcode.


How to Change Passcode/Password from GB WhatsApp

Change of Password is also available in GBWhatsApp. Some of the previous activities you have to perform which was initiate to activate and to disable the passcode/password.

Same as previous you have to go to Menu and settings option.

  • Here you have to select the “Lock” option.
  • Now Press/Tap the Tab of “Change Passcode”.
  • The app will ask to put New 4 digit Code.
  • Now you are required here to re-enter the Passcode/Password again.

Finally, you have done this successfully.


How to Hide Blue Tick in GBWhatsApp?

As we know that GBWhatsApp is very much amazing App in which we can use lots of features and take more facilitate by using this.

Here we have to tell you that hide of blue tick option is available in GBWhatsApp. By using this App everyone can easily hide blue tick, and this article would be very helpful regarding this issue.

Let’s Start and learn without wasting time.

How to Hide Blue Tick in GBWhatsApp.

Appended below are the details to hide blue stick in GBWhatsApp:

You have to download and install GBWhatsApp on your phone device.

If you are facing error in downloading GBWhatsApp then you have to follow these steps, error like as Installation blocked then you have to go to Settings > Security and Press/Tap the allow installation of non-market Apps option. Then try again regarding downloading.

As your App GBWhatsApp is installed then you should register with your mobile number.

Now you have to Press/Tap on the three dots on the right corner, here you will find a list in front of you.

Press/Tap the “Privacy” option.

A new list will appear here, now you have to Press/Tap the “Blue Tick” option.

Now Process is completed.

By using this amazing feature of GBWhtasApp you will have the benefit that no one can see Blue Tick which means message seen ticks, even when you read the messages but no one can know that you have seen the message or not.


Download GB WHATSAPP Apk

As you go through all the features of WhatsApp which are available and technique which help you to remain private. Please click the below button and download the GbWhatsApp Apk.


gb whatsapp apk download



Final Verdict

Hence, Gbwhatsapp apk is one of the best apps which I have found ever. You can download this without any issue, it is completely secure. It will protect your privacy and independence. The main feature of this I like is the use of theme and password options.

At last keep visiting this site, we are continually updating their version if you face any issue just let us know. We will try to resolve your issue ASAP.